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3 Pick Up Lines That Work!

I hope you’re sitting down for this one. It’s time for you to learn some great pick up lines and start trying them on the women you’re attracted to. Unless you want to just be a play it up and play around with women you don’t want to get this far but I’m willing to bet my straw hat that you’re a really sweet guy and want to find yourself a girl so fine, now let’s get to it.

“Hey, who has 2 thumbs and hasn’t been touched by a woman in 10 months?”

This one is a great one, I swear it works every time. It sets up the conversation so she can talk about if she’s ever been touched or touched her, and you can talk about touch. All women like to be touched and whether it’s a slap, a tick, a bit of a grab – it doesn’t matter, all women like to be touched. And this one opens up the conversation in a town quite quickly.

Another one I ran across was in a haircut shop. I had been going there for a while and they had a guy in a haircut room that I didn’t find attractive at all. I asked the lady what he looked like, she laughed and said he was a hair stylist. I said, “I’ll bet he’s used to cutting girls hair” and I remember joking around and saying “who wants a guy who’ll cut their hair into a mush?”.Well remember, these are running game and not personal advice for this specific scenario. So the answer is who DOESN’T want to be touched but that’s another article for another time.

Here’s another great one, I think this one is even better than “who likes to be touched”. This is a direct hit on the girl herself. I like directness, well most of them do anyway but I like to do it blatant enough for her to actually get that there was a direct request from me. What this does is makes her feel obligated to a respond as she’s now required to be nice, follow those guidelines and find out if she can meet my standards. That’s what you really want to do, even if out of context it seems a bit silly.

Here’s the next one I made up last minute, I had gone to a dance club near my house once with my friends. Now there’s only a handful of us in the club and even less reserved people, so we’re on the dance floor far away from the rest of the people. Now to make a very short point, first impressions count and there’s a lot of ways to get a girl to respond to you. Now here’s how I wanted to put a girl in a heady state and make her physically attracted to me. I knew that a girl who didn’t speak to me would either ran or would simply ignore me so I decided to speak to the first girl I came in contact with. I walked up to her and said “Hey you looked pretty bored, I have to get my friend out of here” and then I got her number.

Now this one is extremely Effective on a night out club. Why you ask? Well imagine a situation where you’re out clubbing and you see a girl amongst a group of friends who you obviously have some interest in and to try and create a spark and get your ex girlfriend back. What do you do? You approach the girl, maybe not directly but your situation will then develop some attraction and create a breakup. You’re stuck waiting for that dreaded question that will pop up in your mind, “what do I say to her?”. You might come up with something generic like “I’m looking to get out of here” or something else equally as lame like that. Then you see her looking at you and at her friend and you’re not sure what to do.

In situations like this one, what most guys will do is to complain to their friends and just do the same thing again. Now you don’t want to do that, what’s this mean?

BE HONEST! If your mother told you to do something then go and do it. Your friends aren’t there to help you if you need advice on what to do, that’s your job. Your job is to be prepared to approach women, when you do you want to be prepared. What I recommend is to go out to a public place river or beach or somewhere but make sure they are social places because a lot of people can be quite loud and if you don’t get the conversation to flow well, then it just wont work. Now this isn’t to say that you don’t communicate and communicate but you want to take action. You don’t want to continue to employs the same tactic of approaching women and hoping to get a response from them.

The first and most important thing to do is to take action and approach women.

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