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7 Red Flags That Warn You She’s No Good

Red Flags – These are just a few of the warning signs that your relationship may be headed for trouble. If you notice any of these traits, you should take action immediately. Avoiding these red flags will prevent you from being a victim of a narcissistic or abusive relationship. Here are seven of the most common red flags to look for. These include controlling behavior, dishonesty, and gaslighting.


You can spot dishonesty in several signs. If your date is consistently lying, she’s probably hiding something from you. If she covers her mouth or avoids eye contact, she might be hiding something from you. If she’s dishonest about her age or looks younger than she actually is, she’s not the kind of person you want to get serious with.

Controlling behavior

If your partner controls your feelings, it’s time to move on. Her controlling behavior may indicate a lack of trust or respect. She may also feel unsafe being yourself because she feels criticized and judged. In addition, she may hide parts of her personality and self-worth. You need to keep some distance from her, but you should try to keep your friends and family close.

Red Flags

Red Flags


One red flag of a gaslighter is when she constantly tries to prove herself. You’ll feel threatened, belittled, and constantly on edge. She also cries a lot and promises to change, but her words say nothing. Ultimately, gaslighting only serves to make you feel more alone and unloved. And while it may be tempting to fall for the gaslighter, you shouldn’t.

A common gaslighter tries to make the victim believe they are the only ones who love them, but in reality, they’re just making you think otherwise. She may even accuse you of being jealous or frigid, or say you don’t give him enough sex. If you recognize gaslighting, it’s time to leave her. This relationship will never be the same.

One of the most common warning signs of a gaslighter is their use of degrading language. If your partner is using a language that you don’t understand, she’s likely to use words like ‘crazy’ to put you on the defensive. It’s not uncommon for victims to become more compliant, so as to avoid the tension. Furthermore, this type of behavior may result in a co-dependent relationship if she’s not careful.


If you’re in a relationship and you’re not sure whether your partner is a narcissist, read on to learn some warning signs. Narcissists don’t value others, and they don’t want to share their emotions. They may also talk down to others, or even blame you for a past incident, like an ex or a fight. If you think this might describe your relationship, you may want to keep your distance.

Red Flags

If your partner constantly insists on being right, she might be a narcissist. A narcissist will always want to be right, and this is often reflected in how she treats you. If you have an argument with your partner, she’ll most likely try to minimize your opinions. This will only serve to embarrass her further, and you’ll end up feeling ignored.

In addition to ignoring these warning signs, a narcissist’s personality tends to be easy to overlook, which makes it even easier to fall in love with her. Narcissists are excellent manipulators and can pull the strings to get what they want. They often have little empathy for other humans, which makes them unfit for a relationship.

Being on their phone a lot

One red flag that signals a troubled relationship is when your partner spends an inordinate amount of time on their phone. Even if you’re a little uncomfortable with the behavior, it’s also a sign of a bigger problem. A loner is one who prefers to be by themselves. The next time you see your partner on the phone, you should be wary. It’s important to know your boundaries and your relationship shouldn’t be based on a cell phone.


Are you looking for a new girl friend? Have you met a new girl at work or in school? If so, the red flags listed below are a good indication that she’s not worth your time. These warning signs of abuse should be taken seriously and act immediately. Those who are dating someone with serious red flags should not be given a second chance. In these situations, you should try to find someone else.

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