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Platform Phoenix

An Insight Into Platform Phoenix

Performance management platforms are vital to any business, and PHOENIX has a reputation for making that task easier than ever. Learn how Platform Phoenix uses the capabilities of the Erlang VM to implement its real-time system. See how vacation rental site HomeAway uses Phoenix to generate statistics for its owners. A look at some of the company’s products and services is also in order. Let’s get started.

Phoenix Performance Management Platform (PMP)

PHOENIX collects extensive amounts of data to help clients service their mortgages. These data often come from a variety of systems, making it difficult to analyze them and report them in a timely manner. PHOENIX designed a cloud-based Performance Management Platform (PMP) to streamline the reporting process and leverage Qlik Sense data analytics. The new platform provides a single, unified view of all mortgage portfolio data and can be customized to suit the needs of the client.

PHOENIX has used Analytics and Qlik on a previous project and added Snowflake cloud data warehouse to create a core data model and extendable prototype. As a result, PHOENIX chose Amazon Web Services as a hosting platform. This cloud-based platform offers a secure, scalable architecture. The platform includes an Amazon Relational Database Service for Qlik Sense repository. It offers push-button redundancy, backups, and patching as part of a monthly subscription.

Phoenix uses Erlang VM capabilities to implement its real-time system

The Platform Phoenix architecture simplifies real-time system development by bringing all layers of the application to the developer’s view. By focusing on the business and problem domain, developers can create the ideal software foundation, reducing cognitive load. With built-in instrumentation and a live dashboard, Platform Phoenix supports developers from development to production. The product also provides insight into the capabilities of the Erlang VM and Elixir tooling.

Platform Phoenix is written in Elixir, a functional programming language. This language supports a variety of programming paradigms, including concurrent programming and event-driven architectures. Phoenix leverages Erlang BEAM for concurrency. Developed in the 1980s for the Telecom Industry, Erlang’s BEAM system is widely used for massively scalable systems. Popular web apps such as Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram depend on Erlang for scalability and stability.

Erlang’s preemptive scheduling mechanism ensures that the system responds to all processes at the same time. Its scheduler handles garbage collection and memory management. The Erlang scheduler selects processes according to priority level, configurable per process. The preemption factor is based on the number of reductions since the last selection. The reduction counter is incremented with each function call.

Erlang is the gold standard for complex multithreaded systems. Its VM capabilities allow developers to build systems that have thousands of concurrent interactions. The Erlang virtual machine, dubbed BEAM, can be run in a virtual instance, container, or on bare metal. It has been optimised over two decades and is capable of handling millions of processes with a consistent throughput regardless of load.

Platform Phoenix

Platform Phoenix Users to generate statistics for vacation rental owners

The use of Apache Platform Phoenix in vacation rental management has several benefits. It facilitates easy integration with HBase and enables HomeAway to generate statistics for vacation rental owners. The statistics that HomeAway generates can give owners critical insights about the performance of their vacation rental properties. It also enables HomeAway to share its internal insights about the vacation rental market. The company is now considering expanding its online booking capabilities to other regions.

In addition to generating statistics for vacation rental owners, HomeAway also charges its members a fee for listing their vacation rentals. In Aspen, Colorado, it charges six percent for listing a vacation rental. This figure rises to six percent in Phoenix and 10.2 percent in Orlando. The increase in fees helps HomeAway bankroll their marketing efforts. However, homeowners are encouraged to follow the rules of the website.

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