Building Self Confidence
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Building Self Confidence With Women

Building Self Confidence With Women Čula myspace created this quiz and aimed to build confidence with women, 8 fool-proof techniques to do that can be found through this article.

  1. Do you look approachable?
  2. SCAN your environment
  3. interact with as many as you can (but avoid creepy stalker behavior)
  4. Move slowly, with confidence
  5. Have no agenda- have no plans except to have a good time
  6. Enjoy life
  7. Don’t be afraid to make the first approach
  8. Treat other people as having equal value and respect they deserve
  9. Practice eye contact and smiling
  10. Pull girls where ever you go (hands off the “1st limit” till you know more about the situation)
  11. Remain respectful to her friends and other people.
  12. Initiate strong, direct eye contact when interacting with her.
  13. Pull her in for a hug before kissing on the cheek.
  14. Touch her confidently to establish that things are going well.
  15. Don’t worry about rejection, and don’t be afraid to say no.
  16. Break the rules when its appropriate to do so such as giving her a clear signal that 1st contact is not a good idea such as “onis” or “can I just sit here for a moment.”
  17. Smell good and be relaxed
  18. Get out of your head
  19. Take action
  20. Get out of your body
  21. Get out of your house
  22. Get out of your car
  23. Do whatever it takes to get out there
  24. Women HELP YOU when they LIKE YOU so stand out from the crowd by being funny, interesting, and playful.
  25. Break the rules when she APPROACHES you (i.e. sitting, lying on the couch etc…)
  26. Use humor as your weapon and make fun of her.
  27. Back off her when she starts throwing some small jabs back at you
  28. Never approach a woman from the back or side. Always approach her from the front or side.
  29. Never approach a woman from the back or side. Always approach her from the front or side.
  30. Never approach a woman from the front or side. Always approach her from the front or side.
  31. Never speak to a woman from the back or side. Always speak to a woman from the front or side.
  32. Never ever play the guy card with a woman. The front seat, cool dude means the front seat, now ladies get to be in the back seat…
  33. Never ever play the card that eligible you for sex. Not a woman, never will be, Pisces never will.
  34. Admit it or not you were wrong, you’re always learning.
  35. Do what you want, but only if you’re kind and compassionate to yourself.
  36. Your feelings are your most valuable resource. If something is bothering you or making you self conscious, you have to identify it and address it.
  37. No one see’s you as a freak, just a human. There’s no way to please everyone.
  38. Work on the way you look at people.
  39. People respect you when you help someone.
  40. When you are happy, all other areas of your life are at their most balanced and verified.
Building Self Confidence

If you think you’re ready to take the precautions necessary to sleeve carry women, I encourage you to check out some of my other resources for more information on what to say next Building Self Confidence.

It’s up to you to take the steps necessary to become good with women. The rest is up to your quick wits and smooth moves.

Building Self Confidence

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