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F500 Dating: The Smashing Success Of The F arisen 500 Dating Conference

Online dating for a long time has taken the first steps in meeting eager singles and setting them up on successful dates. But for the beginner, it’s like opening a minefield, with so many awesome prospects, how do we know which way to travel?

Theoretically, your first dates should be chosen carefully. In a traditional setting, where a single goes into a bar, pub, restaurant or club and searched for singles, it’s easy to screen potential matches – but in an online dating environment, where individuals create their profiles and post photos and personal information, only certain singles are going to be selected for further contact to get to know them.

Further, while it’s easy to screen potential partners by location, it’s not so simple to determine where these singles hang out. Not to mention, some online dating sites are theocratically designed to limit your ability to search. For example, some sites require you to specify a age, a height, a weight and other desirable characteristics in order to present a list of potential matches.

Those unwilling to spend the time searching for their soulmate may have better luck searching in other ways. In the mid-90’s, the F500 event was designed to solve that problem. As the powerful 1998 tiger warns its innocent victims – “Don’t Frack With Me!”

Over the years, over 500 singles changed their individual dating lives by attending this exclusive event. And at the same time, the singles that never would have attended the F500 now attend this event and many of them are experiencing long lasting and rewarding relationships.

Sit back and enjoy the snacks, music, and conversations you now have paid for!

F500 Canter became the pressure reducing event for singles to attend. It has become an industry unto itself. With one website alone reaching over five hundred attendees weekly, boutique meets and gatherings, speed dating, phone dating and even blind dates, the F500 continues to add to the popularity of online dating.

Just recently, it was announced that the F500 will be graduated to a grandestand production at the end of August. That means that it will become a series of events rather than one event, and that it will be produced equally for the second, third, and fourth years!

While viewing the growth of F500, I keep wondering about the message we are sending to the singles and couples visiting or living in countries around the world.

I would like to believe that we are all here to have fun and to meet a diversity of cool, attractive people. There is nothing wrong with that. But the idea that we must attain to the top doing something in life like this, while at the same time, projecting the highest of ourselves onto other people, seems to me antithetical to the points I have made elsewhere.

And what do we think happens with these events? They paint a picture of the “perfect” partner. They lack the discipline it takes a Know-It-All to know and do one’s soul. It’s too scarily detailed and held together by a slim sense of requirement.

I say, we can all do better! Perhaps we can attend a F500 event, but then what? And then what?

Fortunately, someone has wrapped our souls around their little finger!

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