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How to Make Him Want More Than Just Friends! Here is How to Make Him Your Boyfriend Instantly

Nothing can make a girl more anxious and nervous than wondering if her suitor friend would ever turn out to be her boyfriend. Rest assured it is not going to happen overnight; Preparing yourself for the inevitably long process of dating him out and seeing whether he would want to become your boyfriend instead of just a friend will involves a lot of patience, understanding and perseverance. Only when you have worked up the gears and are seeing the potential for more than friendship, you could now approach the task of knowing how to make him want more than just friends.

Be around- It’s not your move; It’s his/hers.

There are countless cases of the tables turning when friends date partners, causing a big chaotic scene. Simply put, friends date each other for fun and it can be difficult to see it from the other person’s perspective. It’s not always easy to express what you feel in the best way. Instead of waiting for an approach and voicing what you have in mind, why don’t you be the first to speak up? It might not be the smooth and sure manner, but at least you have made the effort to be honest with him.

Talk about the most recent significant relationships of your friends, if you can

It could be an unpleasant topic, one that might affect others, and it might be difficult for him to hear, but be honest. Let him know that there is someone around that is more special than him. Tell him that there have been several instances in the past when he has dated and fallen in love with his best friend. Or that a best friend has been with him too.

All widows and divorced ladies are touched by the stories of their friends dating their sons’ or daughters’ best friends. Take advantage of it and share your own anecdote with him. It would give him the hint that there is more to than friendship with you.

Wear a unique cologne

Spice is a factor that you must never leave at home. The cologne would play a good part in making the atmosphere a bit more romantic and warm. You can wear something feminine, something smelly, or even a unique blend of scents. This can help turn up the heat on you side, creating a bit of nervousness, which is perfect to make his next move.

Be yourself- but do not be too proactive

Just act naturally and always be yourself. If there’s an awkward moment, there will always be time to fix it. Never try to be fake with your approach and remain real in your responses and behaviors. Give him the opportunity to be familiar with you and the way you act.

Show your self confidence

Your best weapon is your self confidence. Never be lacking in it as this would turn your self into something that is fake and unavaliable. Self confidence is being secure with who you are as a person and it makes you immune to criticisms. It attracts the opposite sex and surely makes a man want you more than anything.

Liveliness is also on top of the list

It will make him see you as lively and healthful even if you are overweight. No one would want someone who is a plain and boring person. Once you would see you in an enjoyable way, your weight would not matter anymore, and you will have won this one.

The fear of rejection and the excitement of being with someone new are just two of the factors that create great emotions. Keep up these good traits and work on making him want you more.

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