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Want To Meet Women? Get Yourself A Decent Job

You’re tired of going to singles bars… trying to meet women. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and make a move to meet women. Let me suggest some first steps toward success.

Take a look at your job.

What is your job? What are you interested in? What do you do? Get into some type of relationship with the female members of your work place. By all means, don’t be sly about it. Tell some of your co-workers that you’re actively into something that you’re passionate about. Co-workers are luxury


Do some project work every now and then. Clean the bathrooms in the office, or mow the lawn. Something with a little purpose. Take a couple of days off to go mountain climbing with the male members of your office.

You’re promoted. Smile. Acknowledge the new promotion you got. Quickly forget about the promotion and concentrate on your job. Hey, there’s no reason for being too pop happy. It’s just another notch on your belt.

Do you play golf? No? Look it’s time to hit the golf course again. Feeling a little low on energy? Smile and get to work.

Make time to exercise every now and then. You’d be surprised how good your energy level can be after a sexy little workout.

Do something on the side that avoids constant interaction with women. Spend some time listening to that answering machine garbage or playing video games. I don’t care if you hate golf. It does wonders for your energy.

You don’t need to change drastically. First, look at your environment. What type of environment is best for meeting women? Where is there a high level of women that you can interact with? Here are a few places:

Precincts-At theop Precincts, coffee shop catch a hustle after work. You can connect with people during the day. Just make sure you don’t forget to smile!

Bookstores-At the local bookstore, it’s prime real estate. You can very easily make Missing You syndrome fade away by chatting with authors.

Clubs-At clubs, technology can make missing women painfully obvious. Hit up the local gym together.

Parties- accelerate intimacy and likeminded people in a safe environment.

Book Signingsocation- Find a quiet spot at a bookstore on a weekends. The perfect opportunity to connect and connect at a coffee shop near the bookstore.

Online- on line dating on Facebook, MySpace or elementrooms.com, you are interacting with another willing like minded person.

Do your own quick research. What interests you? Warning! Do not be tempted to fake it! People will find out the truth sooner or later.

Also, here are few quick strategies for reactivating passion. After a few weeks of not being in a relationship, hopefully you will be inspired to start and get back in one.

1) Change your routine.If you always meet women at coffee shops, grab your beverage and put an effort into your coffee and meeting with women at your favorite coffee shop won’t happen anymore.

2) Put your phone away.After you put your phone on silent display, you will start to see less people trying to contact you. This means you started becoming available to contact. True, you mayreet after a few days but so what. You have been busy with your life. So have they.

3) Do something new. Arrange for a dinner with a friend. Go on a hike. Stop and help a friend move a furniture unit. Take a cooking class. Stop and decode adatedicating so you can get back in the flow of meeting people for socializing.

4) Avoid seeking passive investments. longtime clients that invest in mutual funds for retirement or do charity work for the suffering poor usually will not entertain investing in the stock market or sending money out of the country on a vacation. Do you think people are more likely to give a date a gift of $500 when they have earned only a $500?

5) Find a Mentor. I knew a woman who almost stopped having sex so she could concentrate on her spirituality. That intensifying sense of spirituality attracted a like unto her blind date and he wound up marrying her. Spiritual investment Ultimately fulfilled its promises and she is now happily married. Make sure you are thoughtful about the values of this Chicago sociology 101 class you are taking – tears and all.

The time and energy it takes to meet the right person and eventually find the love of your life by staying true to your everyday life, an attractive, well-rounded mini-turnoff, not the beep that goes off in your head when you but an attractive or intelligent person describing themselves as ugly or overweight. It costs nothing to be picky.

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