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What Do Guys Want in a Girlfriend?

Ever wondered what most guys actually expect in a girlfriend? Most women don’t actually know what to answer this question because their general answers often fall short of being honest. Guys might not be as complex as women when it comes to their preferences. However, there are still general expectations that guys have regarding most things. Here are the general answers to your question about what do guys want in a girlfriend.


This is one of the first and the most basic expectations that a guy would have in his girlfriend. Guys would never consider settling down with an honest, trustworthy girl who will cheat on him when things get dull. Thus, loyalty is one of the ingredients that guys would like to find in a girlfriend.

Caring and affection

Although most women want to be cared and affectioned during the day, they would still like to have a home when it’s just the two of them. Therefore, compatibility is of paramount importance. A guy would want to find a girl who would like to spend time with him even if he is not exactly having fun.

A partner

Guys would never consider settling down with just one girl. Of course, he would want to look for a beautiful girl but he would never want to settle down with just one girl who is not able to give him what he wants. A guy would look for a girl who has the capability and the ability to give what he wants.


The word pretty is the most common one when it comes to the expectations a guy would have of a girl. A guy would never want a girl who is unattractive. Attractive women are indeed desired but not by men. Therefore, be beautiful in his sight and in his heart. Once you believe that you are pretty, you will become beautiful.

Good mother nature

Men always look for a woman who has good mother nature. Men always dream of beautiful children and the nurturing woman. Man was created to take care of the weak and the vulnerable. However, men do not really have an interest in women who can be bossy and headstrong. Men want a woman who would follow them as their leader yet give respectful support. Furthermore, a woman who can cook for him is considered to be very precious in his eyes Girlfriend.

A good home maker

Men would always want a woman who can provide a good home for him and his future family. A woman who can make a great home is of great interest to any guy. This is not just a matter of SongAdvaitvenuttearances where a guy would want a woman who would pull the nest. It is also a matter of harboring the other altogether girlfriend. A woman who can write a poem for her husband is precious for him. Men also want a woman who can be the center of home and a perfect forge to forge a future. He would always want a woman who would have a comfortable nest.


All the things that have been mentioned before would lead a man to the woman he wants to be with. For example, a good home maker, a good cook and a faithful wife are the ingredients that a guy would want in a relationship. But what abstinence from sex would bring about? A committed relationship with all the strengths that marriage brings with it is the best answer to the question what do guys want in a girlfriend?

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